Georgina Sowerby: “It’s not just about the work not being there. It’s about all the other stuff that isn’t there either. It makes you think, doesn’t it?”

“A brilliant idea!” Joni Farrington, Gallery on the Square, St Ives.

Georgina Sowerby:  “The most exciting thing about our work is that people don’t know when they haven’t seen it.”

“We are really interested in your project” Galerie Deadfly, Berlin

Brian Luff:  “We want to challenge people’s perceptions. But there are a lot of problems associated with stuff not being there. We’ve had to overcome many difficulties to make this project happen. It’s been hard.”

“This is brilliant, we love it!” Soho Square Studios, London.

“This extraordinary concept is worthy of the the Turner Prize”  Melton Thornaby, Art Critic